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Personality Dimensions Level 1 3-day Facilitator Certification


 Upon completion of this 3-day workshop, Level One facilitators will be able to:

 • Access the online administration tool to complete electronic assessments

 • Purchase hard copy administration tools

• Charge for you to facilitate the assessment tool in your own workshop or course

• Acknowledge that you are a Level One Qualified Facilitator of PD® 

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Professional Ethics 1-day Training


This one day workshop is aimed for working professionals to complete their ethical training hours required to maintain their credentials.

Topics that are covered are:  Moral Reasoning,  Privacy & Confidentiality, Responsibility as a Professional, Understanding our unconscious bias. 

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Creating a Diverse & Inclusive workplace 1-day Training


Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace can be difficult to navigate.  This course will help professionals in the workplace to understand how to support your team with creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

 Topics that are covered are:  What is Diversity?, What is Inclusivity?, What is equity?  How to bring Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity in the workplace?. 

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Career Dimensions half-day workshop


 This half-day workshop is ideal for high school, post-secondary and people on the move who are looking to explore career options. 

Unlike many career assessment instruments, Career Dimensions helps you explore the actual work environment in which you are most comfortable by examining a variety of areas, including: the natural talents you bring to work, your values, your major job stressors, your work philosophy and your definition of success.

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Retirement Dimensions half-day workshop


Our half-day  Retirement Dimensions workshop will help you assist those who are contemplating their retirement, or who are newly retired and interested in broadening their retirement activity options.

Participants explore their values, strengths, concerns, interests and relationship preferences as well as their philosophical view of retirement through a series of statements and rate their selections as most like them, a lot like them, somewhat like them and least like them. 

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Sales Dimensions half-day workshop


 Our popular half-day Sales Dimensions workshop helps sales professionals increase their actual sales exponentially by developing their Personality Radar through topics covered in this workshop are:

  • Understanding the need to adapt sales approaches
  • Helping sales professionals understand their own sales styles
  • Identifying the Personality Dimensions® of clients (Personality Radar)
  • Matching closing approaches to personalit

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Workshop Series for your team

Leadership Development


Our leadership program focuses on all levels of leadership.   This workshop provides insight of the team and how, together, to reach common goals of the team.  

How do we do this? We will help leaders to identify their work styles and preferences, communicate more effectively with subordinates, peers, and customers, motivate team members to achieve extraordinary results and facilitate transformational organizational change.

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Conflict Management


Not all conflict needs to be negative.  There is healthy conflict.  Within this workshop, participants learn to look beyond the conflict by knowing our personal responses to conflict. As well, how we approach resolving or managing conflict situations can help minimize the negative effects it can have on our lives. Conflict is often a product of personality differences  so this workshop supports individuals and organizations in effectively managing and coping with conflict. 

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Learning Styles and Strategies


Struggling to reach your audience? Frustrated that you are not receiving ROI from training workshops executed by your team? This workshop will help learners to identify their preferred learning styles and preferred learning environments. The activities also help educators and trainers to identify their own preferences and develop strategies to better meet the needs of diverse learners. Understanding and accommodating learning preferences can significantly improve learning success. 

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Marketing and Customer Service


Having difficultly reaching your target audience?  Are you struggling with the customer service experience? This workshop can help any organization design effective marketing campaigns and customer service programs that recognize and accommodate the diverse preferences and communication styles of customers. This workshop will help the marketing team design displays, marketing campaigns and advertisements that better target their customers. 

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Team Building


Have you recently created a new team?  Want to make sure that they function well? Project teams are becoming increasingly common, but it takes time to build a great team. We can facilitate effective communication and shared understanding of team goals and objectives, as well as necessary conditions for personal productivity. This workshop will also help you to recognize the strengths and challenges of various communication styles. You will learn to adjust your style of communicating to be better heard by diverse teammates, improving efficiency and minimizing unproductive conflict. 

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Work-Life Balance


Easier said than done! Or is it?   Many people identify finding work-life balance as their number one problem in today's busy world. Whether juggling a new career and a young family, supporting aging parents, engaging in professional development, or managing some other combination of challenging roles, the demands and pressures can be great.  This workshop helps individuals identify what 'balance' means to them and learn how to create and maintain a life that is in balance and personally fulfilling. 

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